"Building the Intelligent Vehicle" at EcoMotion Assembly 2024

Jun 11, 2024

Experts from various companies in the automotive industry discussed the challenges and opportunities of integrating new technologies into cars.

Moderator: Benny Prujan, Head of Sensor & AI Innovation Technologies, Konnect VW Panelists: – Zohar Fox, CEO, Aurora Labs – Shahar Bin-Nun, CEO, Tactile Mobility – Tali Miller, Chief Business Officer, REE Automotive – Ilya Shloushch, Director ADAS/AS, Harman

One of the key challenges is that car manufacturers (OEMs) need to balance the need for innovation with the need to produce reliable vehicles. Startups may have innovative technologies, but it can take a long time for OEMs to adopt them. Additionally, OEMs want their cars to be unique from each other, but this can make it difficult to develop a single platform for all vehicles.

Another challenge is that the automotive industry is very regulated. This means that new technologies need to go through a rigorous testing process before they can be used in production vehicles. This can slow down the adoption of new technologies.

Shahar Bin-Nun, the CEO of Tactile Mobility, talked about the challenges of working with OEMs. He said that it can take a long time for OEMs to adopt new technologies and that startups often get stuck in a cycle of proofs of concept (POCs) that never lead to production. However, he is optimistic that the industry is going through a lot of revolutions at the same time, and that this will create opportunities for small, software-oriented companies like Tactile Mobility

Despite these challenges, the panelists are optimistic about the future of intelligent vehicles. They believe that AI and other new technologies will eventually make cars safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable to drive.