Smart Steering That Feels The Road - Webinar

Oct 18, 2022

Shahar Bin-Nin, Tactile Mobility's CEO & Joe Klesing, Nexteer Automotive's product line executive, present and answer questions regarding the new mutual solution

Nexteer Automotive & Tactile Mobility Webinar Sep 2022 Early Warning Communication Through Steering Feel:

  • Vehicle notified of upcoming slippery surface → Software mimics the steering feel of a slippery surface before the driver reaches the actual slippery road
  • Giving early “heads up” through steering feel → Influences driver to intuitively reduce vehicle speed & drive safer Extra Benefits for OEMs:
    1. Easily scalable, software solution – no hardware required
    2. Opens new software revenue streams
    3. Answers to unmet needs offer a unique Value Prop of Best-in-Class software that brings even more insights such as:
      Tire Health and wear detection, Weight estimation, Grip mapping, and more