Tactile Data for Tire Health

Mar 25, 2021

Tires are a serious safety and efficiency factor in automotive travel. Today, with longer service intervals and expedited tire wear in electric vehicles, automakers, automotive OEMs and fleet managers are taking a more proactive role in tire health.

Yet existing systems like Tire Pressure Management Systems (TPMS) are not sufficient to ensure vehicle efficiency, safety and mechanical health. Tire wear, mismatch and aging require ongoing monitoring that TPMS systems can’t deliver. Moreover, drivers often fail to visually check tires, manual fleet-wide tire safety surveys are labor-intensive and periodic, and hardware-based tire monitoring solutions are prohibitively expensive.

And it’s not just a matter of budget – it’s a matter of life. Tires remain a significant factor in vehicle-related injuries and fatalities. To ensure vehicle safety and efficiency, a new level of technology-driven proactive tire health monitoring is crucial.


Tactile Mobility: Reimagining Tire Health Monitoring

Tactile Mobility’s tire health monitoring solution leverages existing on-board sensors to continuously and automatically monitor tire health – offering tire manufacturers, OEMs and fleet managers a new, holistic perspective on tire health.

Our software-only AI-based solution ingests, fuses and analyzes vehicle-level and fleet-level data to deliver both in-vehicle indications and cloud-based analytics insights:

In-Vehicle Alerts

Sensing treads, type, stiffness, grip, balance:

  • Tire mismatch alert
  • Tire tread depth indication
  • Tire rotation recommended
  • Tire aquaplaning resistance

Fleet-Level Cloud Insights

per vehicle/model/group/tire type

  • Tire rotation recommended
  • Expedited tire wear for tire model
  • Bad tire grip on wet asphalt
  • Wear under different driving styles, weather, pavement conditions


Empowering Automotive Stakeholders

OEMs – detect tire health issues earlier

Tactile Mobility offers data-driven insights about uneven tire wear per model and geography – contributing to earlier identification of problems and optimizing configurations for more effective vehicle tire selection.

Tire Manufacturers – understand long term wear and tear

Tactile Mobility offers tire makers a continuously-updated and objective understanding of how tires behave after 20-30,000 kilometers of usage – helping design tires that perform better long-term.

Fleet Managers – lower fuel consumption, raise availability

Tactile Mobility empowers fleet managers to accurately monitor and dramatically improve tire health – lowering fuel consumption and raising vehicle availability.

 Insurance Providers – lower risk, payouts, and injuries

Tactile Mobility offers insurance stakeholders more accurate risk profiling for underwriting, risk reduction, and accident reconstruction – preventing injury and mitigating the cost of tire-related accidents.