Fast Company’s Winner in Next Big Things in Tech awards for 2021

Nov 21, 2021

Fast Company recognized Tactile Mobility in the Smart Machines category for allowing vehicles to feel the road beneath them

We’re so proud to once again be recognized by Fast Company and be among the 14 companies in the Smart Machines category honorees in Fast Company’s first Next Big Things in Tech awards.

According to Fast Company – Some of the world’s most intriguing innovations are so new that their full impact is yet to be felt. This is what we’re highlighting in the inaugural edition of Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech. The 65 honorees on our list, which includes global giants as well as intrepid startups, often harness research that’s fresh from the labs, applying cutting-edge tech to solve real-world problems in unexpected ways.

…Thanks to innovations in the cloud, the machines that we rely on every day are getting smarter. Increasingly, machines can “feel” the world around them… Today, our cars can detect poor road conditions and gather data that helps cities determine where to make repairs.

VehicleDNA software uses sensors already embedded in vehicles to detect road hazards such as potholes and slippery driving conditions. The crowdsourced data it collects is useful to everyone from cities performing road maintenance to manufacturers designing autonomous cars.

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