Rani Plaut

Jul 15, 2019

Rani Plaut is an angel investor and an executive chairman in companies creating or spearheading new categories, normally rooted in deep technological disruption. During the past few years he spends his time working closely with startups to fulfill their promise, using an “all in” immersive approach.

Until 2016 and for 15 years Rani was involved, as a business leader and technological innovator, in Pulsed Power Technology – based on the creation of extremely short and concentrated bursts of electrical energy, harnessed to create high power electromagnetic pulses and hydro-shockwaves. During this period, he led the world leader in magnetic pulse welding and later co-founded Bmax of the iPulse group, a $1.3B private venture, commercializing pulsed power based solutions for mining, oil, Aerospce and Automotive.

Rani specializes in Mathematics and Physics, mostly in the area of none linear physical effects.