The Cloud Economy & the Future of Sensor Data - AutoTech:Detroit 2022 Panel

Jun 13, 2022

Shahar Bin-Nun Tactile Mobility CEO, and Joe Klesing Product Line Executive Software, Nexteer Automotive, and other specialists discuss the future of automotive

AutoTech: Detroit which took place on June 8 – 9, 2022 brought together the full automotive tech industry to immerse attendees in the future of automotive, by showcasing the newest tech and the latest vehicles.

Subjects covered on the panel:

1. The comprehensive nature of vehicle sensors as safety features ensures they retrieve huge amounts of real-time road-traffic data. Which services and platforms are available to process data remotely, distinguishing relevant from irrelevant data?

2. When it comes to monetizing sensor data, which companies, organizations, and public bodies are interested in purchasing it? What data are they most interested in?

3. How can automakers share data without comprising driver and passenger privacy?