Vote for Tech CARS Nominees

Jan 05, 2021

Vote for Tech CARS Nominees: Canoo, Nio, Fisker, Qualcomm, SpareLabs, Honda Fit, GHSP, Clorox & CoMotion LA

2020 was a year of major changes and innovations. There were great new automotive intros as well as disasters. For this years’ AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech CARS awards you are welcome to vote for the heroes and help forget about the zeros. Voting closes on January 31, 2021 midnight PST. There are opportunities to write in votes.

If you are winner or nominee please be sure to read our Rules and Permissions policy for rights/usage. Companies presented news releases in the past as winners were, Strategy Analytics, Zubie, Kahn Media and TU-Detroit.

Please read through all the nominees with links to information before voting.

Nominees for most exciting new Stock offering from an automaker the nominees are Fisker, Canoo, Lordstown Motors and Nio. Nominees for the most exciting new vehicles from a new automaker introduced in 2021 are Canoo’s Multipurpose Delivery Vehicle, Lucid Motors Lucid Air Luxury EV and Alpha Ace.

The nominees for automotive pandemic heroes are:

Nominees for Fechnology Innovation for Disinfection and Sanitation and Automotive are

  • GHSP Greenlight UV Angel vehicle/ambulance sanitation UVC light.
  • Ford heats up police cars to kill virus and more.
  • PrecisionCare Powered by Clorox for its misting disinfection available through AutoNation.
  • Ultratech for a clear Anti-Microbial coating that can kill viruses that for up to five years.
  • Turtle Wax Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant.
  • Valeo air sterilization system for bus and coach cabins.
  • Volvo Ozone ECO3 Disinfector.

Nominees for Best Virtual Automotive Show or Exposition are CoMotion LA Live—The New Deal All-digital, TU-Automotive (Informa), The Battery Show (Informa) and Virtual Vehicle Displays and Interfaces Symposium (Detroit).

“Adios Amigo Award” for model that will be the most missed when o longer available in 2021: Honda Fit, Chevy Sonic, Chevy Impala, Honda RLX, BMW i8, Dodge Caravan, Lincoln Continental, and Toyota Yaris.

Most Innovative Use of App Technology nominees are:

  • SpareLabs’ enables on-demand multi-modal microtransit data management and fleet sharing for paratransit.
  • Ford Pass partners with Nationwide Insurance for usage-based insurance.
  • Porsche Parking Plus App.

Most Innovate Connected Car Technology Nominees:

Tactile Mobility’s software-based tactile sensing and data solutions.

Nominees for The Edsel Yugo Award for the WORST most disastrous worst automotive action:

  • The Trump Administration for rolling back emissions standards.
  • Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers for suing the state of California.
  • Nikola/GM Investment Scandal

You are welcome to write in candidates just in case we missed a few or suggest a category.  Let the voting begin.


Vote for Tech CARS Nominees: Canoo, Nio, Fisker, Qualcomm, SpareLabs, Honda Fit, GHSP, Clorox & CoMotion LA